In an off-campus apartment of six George Washington students, two roommates, Bob and Brendan, are best friends until a wrestling match gets a little too intimate. Bob admits to Carol, his confidante, that he has a crush on Brendan and she tells him to forget it. He doesn't. Their friendship deteriorates as Bob's feelings for him grow deeper and, finally, come to a head in an ill-timed Valentine's Day pass. In the end, Sarah, another housemate, beats Bob out and sleeps with Brendan, locking her competition out of his own bedroom.

A few years later, the housemates arrive in Washington, DC for the wedding of Carol and Matt. Bob, slated to be Carol's "maid of honor," arrives on the arm of Sterling Scott, the hunky star of a daytime soap on which Bob is one of the writers. After the bachelorette party, Sterling suggests they make their relationship "more permanent", hinting at marriage.

Meanwhile, Brendan, who has finally realized not only that he is gay but that he's in love with Bob, makes a surprise appearance at the hotel, showing up with Eric, a stoner who now manages rock bands. Eric is at the wedding to get laid, but not with Beth, former housemate/perennial waitress, who had a crush on him in college. Sarah, currently working for a conservative Republican on the Hill, is looking for a husband and has her sights set on Brendan.

Over the course of a wedding weekend, this group of misfit friends and lovers find themselves chasing love, sometimes in vain and sometimes way too successfully (telltale hickeys and all). Against a backdrop of choice Partridge Family tunes, this 90's farce sends-up stereotypes of straight as well as gay romance as everyone tries to figure out who they're in love with versus who they're in lust with. And how does it all end? C'mon, it's a romantic comedy - the girls get the guys, the guys get the guys, you know, your basic happy ending. With a twist, of course.