In theaters:
I THINK I DO was released in the spring/summer of 1998, opening first in NYC and spreading to more than 40 screens total. 35 mm prints are availble for screenings from Strand Releasing. Contact them directly for more details at 310-836-7500.


On TV:
If you have digital cable, I THINK I DO can be seen airing on MTV's Logo Channel. Check your local listings or the Logo website.

On video:
I THINK I DO is available on DVD via Strand Releasing ( Extras include a commentary track with Alexis Arquette and director Brian Sloan and the original theatrical trailer.

Festival Screenings:
Philadelphia Gay/Lesbian Film Festival (July 1998)
Milano Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (June 1998)
New Zealand Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Wellington/Auckland, May 1998)
USA Film Festival (Dallas, April 1998)
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (March 1998)
Berlin Film Festival (February 1998)
Toronto Film Festival (September 1997)
San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (June 1997)
OutFest 1997 (Los Angeles, June 1997)