I Think I Do links
I Think I Do on the Internet Movie Database
Strand Releasing, ITID's distributor
The Superdeformed Matthew Sweet Page (from the ITID soundtrack)
The Tearaways (from the ITID soundtrack)
Partridge Family Temple (from the ITID soundtrack)
The Unofficial Partridge Family Homepage (still more)
C'mon, Get Happy! (you guessed it)
22nd Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (ITID's world premiere)
Toronto International Film Festival (ITID's foreign premiere)
Berlinale: Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (ITID's European premiere)
Profane Webworks (website design)

Washington, DC links
Yahoo Washington D.C.
Capitol Hill Blue
The George Washington University (as seen in ITID)
Washington Union Station (as seen in ITID)
Tracks (as seen in ITID)
Geoffrey's Gay Guide to Washington, DC
The Washington Blade Online!

Wedding links
Yahoo! Wedding Links
The Knot: Weddings For The Real World
Weddings FAQ
Cyber Weddings
Choosing wedding music
Engagement Diamond FAQ
Selecting A Wedding Photographer
Gay Wedding Homepage
Pagan Wedding Ritual Guide
Wedding Superstitions & Traditions
Wedding Jokes Galore!

Film Resources
Screwball Comedy I
Screwball Comedy II
Yahoo! Guide to Lesbian & Gay Movies
Popcorn Q Gay & Lesbian Films Online
Filmmaker Magazine Online
eXposure - Resources for Young Filmmakers
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
The Independent Feature Project
The Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers