Brendan sizes up his ex-roomie at Tracks.

Beth smirks for the wedding photographer.

The bridal party poses for pics at the reception.

Eric stumbles into the men's room during a particularly manly moment.

Everyone's transfixed by Sterling's humpy good looks on the TV soap BETRAYALS.

Sterling and Matt discuss the concept of a "themed reception."

Carol doesn't remember ordering a pumpkin cake?!

Brendan is not available but Sarah doesn't get the point.

Bob and Brendan are feeling frisky...

At a Valentine's kegger, Beth sings hits from the 70's.

Celia's all like "gimme some of that!"

The gang gets a laugh at Beth's expense....typical.

Music & Dialogue clips:
Matthew Sweet: "Sick of Myself" RealAudio (57K) AIFF (297K)
Bob & Sterling: "I've been thinking..." RealAudio (48K) AIFF (246K)
Beth & Bob: "He is a himbo." RealAudio (56K) AIFF (512K)
Bob & Sterling: "...some piece of garbage..." RealAudio (60K) AIFF (591K)
Celia & Eric: "...join the party." RealAudio (54K) AIFF (558K) .

The Partridge Family: "Somebody Wants to Love You" RealAudio (59K) AIFF (486K)
Carol & Matt: "Mrs. Lynch...." RealAudio (38K) AIFF (389K)
Sarah & Beth: "What's wrong with this picture?" RealAudio (72K) AIFF (751K)
Bob & Brendan: "Why are you so hung up...?" RealAudio (40K) AIFF (407K)
The Tearaways: "Can't Get Through" RealAudio (46K) AIFF (242K)

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